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Soberanes Vineyard

Santa Lucia Highlands, Monterey County

The Soberanes Vineyard is located in the heart of Monterey’s Santa Lucia Highlands Appellation, one of the finest Pinot Noir regions in the world. Located immediately south of the Garys’ Vineyard and owned by the Franscioni and Pisoni families, this vineyard represents decades of combined farming experience, along with the continual desire to better quality. Slight changes in row direction and planting density, along with distinctive granite-laden soil differentiate the Soberanes Vineyard from its older neighbor to the north. Meticulous farming allows us to harvest remarkable grapes and produce some of the greatest wines made anywhere in the world.

Clos Pepe Vineyard

Santa Rita Hills, Santa Barbara County

The Clos Pepe Vineyard has been described as “one of the top Pinot Noir vineyards in the New World.” Located in the Sta. Rita Hills, the vineyard benefits from the unique east-west orientation of the Appellation, which allows the cooling breezes and fog to feed directly to the vines. This combined with the vineyard’s rolling hills leads to great differences from one section of the vineyard to the next. We purchase three unique sections of fruit at Clos Pepe; three distinct clones that accentuate these differences of site. Each has its own characteristics and yet each shows great depth and a dark concentration of flavors.